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7 original methods to recycle your old touchscreen tablet computer

If there is a widely known fact, it is the fast obsolescence of mobile terminals. But it is still a little challenging to get rid of it after months (or years) of excellent and also dedicated service. So give them a second life with a couple of easy pointers.

Climate Channel

I was telling you the other day about the terrific weather application Weather condition +. With the superior layout, charming computer animations, and also lots of choices, why not use it on the old tablet computer depending on your cabinet? With this, you will get a very total weather station at a reduced cost. Put your tablet computer in the middle of the living room, get rid of the display’s automatic closure, as well as enjoy it.

High-tech alarm clock

Goodbye to the great large square and also instead hideous alarm clock, hey there the alarm tablet computer. Android 4.x uses a very good Clock application which enables you to quickly program several alarms throughout the week. You can additionally pick your ringtone as well as keep the time presented completely on the display. It is even feasible to obtain the moment in various other parts of the globe. Confess that it’s still more fun and also nerd than a traditional alarm clock.

Residence automation terminal

Residence automation is gradually entering our residences. Why not use your terminal? With an application like IFTT for instance, you will certainly have the ability to manage several components of your residence from the tablet. Some business offer applications that just call for a link using USB to the control terminal A little DIY as well as we can fairly imagine a tablet computer enthroned in the cooking area or the living-room and which controls the whole house. Even more info in our special residence automation file.

SSH client terminal.

Here is for me exactly how I converted an old not really effective tablet. Thanks to the Juise SSH application and its Efficiency Monitor plug-in, I have straight accessibility to my Linux server. I can start it remotely, see the cpu lots, and also the space available on the hard disk drive. And this also outside your home. Include a VNC client as well as you will certainly also have the possibility to see your COMPUTER display on the tablet in real-time. All this for much less than a COMPUTER devoted to the exact same tasks!

Mobile tv

Why not make use of the wheelchair of your old device to change it right into a lightweight Television Set? Obviously, the battery has to be still strong, even if you can picture putting the tablet in a space of your home (no, I did not state in the shower room). In all situations, it is adequate to buy a TNT component like the one provided by Pearl. The joys of mobile TELEVISION are your own, even without an Web link.

Check a customized ROM

You dreamed about it but you did not dare to start for worry of wrecking your terminal? Since it’s old and also out of warranty, you don’t risk much, so why not try mounting a custom ROM? CyanogenMod, Paranoid Android, SPECIAL-INTEREST GROUP ROM, and a lot more are probably suitable for your tablet computer. To be sure, feel free to take a excursion of the XDA website, the very best when it concerns hacking on smart phones.

The recycling

That’s it, your tablet computer has plainly given up the ghost … No way to get anything from it? Do not throw it in the garbage. It has very harmful and contaminating elements. Take into consideration reusing instead. Many shops and even sites will certainly have the ability to recoup it in order to provide it a second life in a brand-new kind. It’s complimentary as well as you’ll do a little to preserve our lovely earth, so consider it!

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